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I go by Gabrielle around here. I'm the admin.


I love programming, Tumblr, quotes, poetry, writing, Star Trek (nu!Trek and TOS), Avengers, and James Bond.

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tysheep commented on Gabrielle's Chat (Group) (A Page)

I used to only self harm on my stomach. (Which can be covered with a tank top) but I ran out of room an did it on my upper thighs.

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tysheep commented on Gabrielle's Join chat (A Page)

Ok I only self harm on my upper thighs. How do I hide it in gym? I cant change in the bathrooM . Its really deep, and really notIcable plZ helP!!


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Gabrielle updated Self-Harm, Suicide & Other Mental Health Issues Hotlines & Text/Chat/E-mail Support (A Page)

Helplines/hotlines, text support, chat support, e-mail support, etc.

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Gabrielle commented on sugarcoatedunicorn's Thursday (Blog entry)

Hope the next dorm is an improvement. School is stressful enough already.


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Anonymous (not verified)

i need help…
ive been a cutter for about a few weeks….
i dont know if i can stop and i lost count of my cuts.

You can stop if you truly want to stop or no longer need it in your life anymore. It’s easier to stop with help and/or treatment. Stopping is doable. There’s no recovery from some mental illnesses but there definitely can be recovery from self-injury. There’s an active message board here, if you want to sign up click ‘Forum’. Or there’s links to other message boards under the ‘Links’ section if you prefer someplace else.

If you want to stop and your home life will allow for it (meaning no abusive family/significant others) I’d say seeking help from family/friends is worth a shot. Yes, there very well may be repercussions but without outside help stopping is very difficult if you feel you need self-injury.

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Anonymous (not verified)

i am trying but i really dont know how to tell my parents about my whole self injury thing.
any advice.?
e-mail Derryelllovesyouataol [dot] com

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Anonymous (not verified)

Hi why is there a flag on my account? Every time I try to login, it says Ipc.drupal failed to clear the flag on your account. Or Icp. Don’t remember. I never got an e-mail about this. There is nothing on my account that doesn’t follow the rules…please help.

Amanda (roxy51387ataol [dot] com)

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