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I go by Gabrielle around here. I'm the admin.


I love programming, Tumblr, quotes, poetry, writing, Star Trek (nu!Trek and TOS), Avengers, and James Bond.

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If we believe another user might seriously be about to commit suicide, are we supposed to tell you? Could you maybe put up a notice or blog post about what the appropriate way is to handle this situation? How to determine if someone is suicidal, what remarks warrant reporting and what doesn't, and whom we should talk to about it?



But when I look to the sky
Something tells me you're here with me
And I can always find my way when you are here.

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Anonymous (not verified)

I just felt like stopping in to say hello.  Your new site design looks nice.  I see you've gotten into RSS - or is it Atom?  I'm doing well enough but may still create a new account at some point.  I hope you're well.   –Trevor

It's good to hear from you. I'm glad that you're doing well enough. Not been on much these days but I'll probably be back in full once I get the changes from my test site copied over. I think it's RSS but I'm just using Drupal's RSS functions for it.

I've been doing fairly. The psychiatrists wants me to volunteer or see if I can try some light part-time work so I “get out of [my] head”.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Sorry I’m so inconsistently available. What kind of work are you thinking about getting? Maybe you could do some freelance programming. I’m thinking about taking another shot at being an eLance ( provider myself. Drupal is very popular, and you seem to know it well.

i just made this account because my other one isnt working. every time i log in it use to just log me out. now it doesnt even say im logged in… but it says i am whenever i scroll down to the people who are online. What should i do?

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