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I go by Gabrielle around here. I'm the admin.


I love programming, Tumblr, quotes, poetry, writing, Star Trek (nu!Trek and TOS), Avengers, and James Bond.

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Gabrielle updated Self-Harm, Suicide & Other Mental Health Issues Hotlines/Helplines (A Page)

Helplines/hotlines for self-harm, suicide, mental health, and a number of other issues affecting self-harmers.

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Gabrielle commented on sugarcoatedunicorn's Thursday (Blog entry)

Hope the next dorm is an improvement. School is stressful enough already.

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Gabrielle created a status comment for Flightless Raven's status

Hope the infection clears up. I'm glad it's healing though.

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Gabrielle created a status comment for blondie1620's status

Hey. Hope you're okay, Going down the feeling suicidal route myself.


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Anonymous (not verified)

I really need somebody too talk too me real bad because I been having bad stuff on my mine and really need for somebody too talk too me real bad so hope too hear from y’all soon.

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