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My name is Gabrielle. I began to self-injure at age fifteen and continued to do so for fifteen years. I recently relapsed but am attempting a year without self-harm. This website was made to let self-injurers know that they are not alone and to help their friends and family learn more about self-injury and how it affects their loved one.

This is a community but there is an extensive FAQ about self-injury and a detailed series of pages about recovery from self-injury. There is also an pretty large list of resources for self-injurers. There is a detailed list of where self-injury appears in the media, be it movies, celebrities, music. It is both to show how self-injury affects media and has moved into the creative social conscious and as a trigger warning for those avoiding depictions of self-injury.

Feel free to browse and, if you’d like to blog or exchange status updates or otherwise become a part of the community, register!



I am part of a three-person award-winning filmmaking team. We are hoping to make an honest, empathetic, non-judgemental and non-exploitative documentary film about cutting and carving, to be shown on a major network. The goals would be to shatter societal misconceptions, myths and to help raise awareness.  To shed light and truth on a previously dark subject and to possibly empower those brave enough to share their stories; and to help those who may be suffering in silence.   


Hi i am looking for participants in a new research study i am doing for a assessment. I am looking for youth ages 12 - 21 years of age. Gender is not an issue. Anyone who self harms and is comfortable talking about some issues. Also would help if you are from new zealand. Answering questions i have. If you are worried about who i am please dont be. I am recovering from self harm myself so i know what your going through. I would like other peoples insight into this subject.


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Have a safe and happy holiday season!

I know the holidays can be hard so feel free to check out the list of crisis lines or list of suicide helplines

Take care of yourselves. I’ll be around.


I am a doctoral student in the clinical psychology program at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. I am conducting a research study to understand what it is like for people who purposely harm themselves, such as cutting or burning. My goal is to increase understanding about the life course of intentional self-injury so that treatments can be improved for those who wish to reduce or stop this behavior.

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