2014/05/10 - Do You Self-Injure? Are You an Active Twitter User?


The Laboratory for Clinical and Developmental Research at Harvard University is seeking participants for a study aimed at understanding self-injury and social media use.

Participation does not require you to visit the lab. Plus, all participants will receive a $25.00 Amazon gift card for completing the study.

Participation involves completing a brief online survey, permission to be followed on Twitter for 1 month, and a brief email follow-up at the end of the 1 month.

2014/04/08 -- New Pinterest, A Twitter Updates Stream, & Some Fixes


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The new Pinterest blog for self-injury.net is selfinjurynet. It’s still in the beginning stages so follow us so we can see what you’re posting and repin if you pin content relevant to the site (self-harm, depression, mental health issues in general, anti-bullying, etc. or creative expression based on those subjects).

We also have a Twitter for new content on self-injury.net. @sinetcontent, so follow us if you’re interested in seeing new content that is posted. 

Some fixes:

  • Your displayed username & URL for your blog should be your chosen self-injury.net username if you’ve signed up through Twitter, Facebook, Google, or Tumblr and not the name you use on any of those.
  • If you’re an anonymous user and you vote on content it should now display, ‘Thank you for voting!’ once your vote has gone through instead of just saying, ‘None.’ 
  • Votes on polls should now be included in the Activity feed.

2014/04/07 -- Alexi Laiho Added to Famous Self-Injurers page & Cleanup


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Alexi Laiho has been added to Famous Self-Injurers. There also has been a general cleanup of the page which includes new images.

2014/04/04 -- Added Vincent van Gogh to Famous Self-Injurers


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I’ve added Vincent van Gogh to the Famous Self-Injurers page.

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