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How to hide Your cuts?

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How do you hide your cuts? how do you clean off the bloody knives? (knives are my “weapon of choice lolz) What do YOU do plz tell!


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kjb21 (not verified)

well i don’t use knives, i use blades. but what i do to clean them is just run them under hot water and dry them off. and then every once in a while clean them with alcohol.

really all i can tell you is to wear long sleeves/pants that will hide ur cuts. bracelets might work, although they haven’t for me. where do u cut? if u don’t mind me asking. oh, and if u have scars that you want to go away, try buying bio-oil. u can get it at wal-mart. i started using it a few weeks ago and it has already started to work. im never getting rid of all my scars though. just the ones that are visible when i wear shorts. but anyways, i hope this helped:)


Normally I’ll just wipe off the blood with a tissue if it’s still wet. If it’s dried up I clean it with hydrogen peroxide. I cut on my hips so I don’t have to worry about hiding it, though I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do in a bathing suit. My other cuts I don’t hide too much. But I try to cover them whenever I can to avoid the questions. I also make small cuts on my hands so they look like accidents and people don’t ask anything. I’ve been using vitamin e oil on scars, it takes time but as long as you stick with it it works.

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Anonymous (not verified)

If you wear a one piece all of your problems go away. You can say you are being sensitive to your image now or just say this one piece looks really cute or even say you want to be more conservative about your body. Hope this helps


Just cut in places where people don’t see. I cut on my upper thighs and I just don’t wear really short shorts and I wear swimsuits with shorts for bottoms. Your belly or pubic region can be good too. 


Just clean your knives off with alcohol. 


I wish you the best.


When I cut, I use single edge razors that I bought from wal-mart and when I’m upset, I cut up my upper inner thigh, and if i’m really upset and angry and everything, I cut up my arms or stomach. I’ve started cleaning my blades and skin before I cut with rubbing alcohol pads, because last time I cut my arm really deep and it got really infected because I never cleaned the blade. And I keep my blade in a bloody tissue that I put in an old makeup compact that I took all of the makeup out of. It works well, nobody suspects anything by it, and then when I’m done cutting I wipe the blood away with the tissue and carry on with my day.

To hide my cuts on my thigh, I just don’t wear too short of shorts.
When it comes to my arms, I put a little bit of foundation on it but I mostly keep my arms folded together. That seems to work pretty well. Nobody really cares to look.

No one cares if your back is bleeding, they’re concerned with their hair receding. -

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and she will be... (not verified)

well just saying i cut for about a year on my arm and by mom noticed and i was just like oh my wrist got stuck in a bush. and then i found out that two of my best friends did too they told me to do it on my hip. so that was going good until i found out i have a drs apt coming up and i just cut 2 days ago and the apt is tomoro. so yeah and on my wrist it was just easier to hide cuz it wasnt as deep but now on my hips its deeper. so try hips but if u have like swimming or a drs apt try to hold off for a week then have a field day after. but you can stop both my friends did and they think i did too but im working on it


try using Hydrogen Peroxide on your cuts right after the euphoria wears off. it hurts like the dickens, but it cleans them up nicely, and they heal faster. they also look more innocent and scar less if you clean them properly. also, if you cut on your wrist, you can hide them by wearing either a bunch of bracelets & bangles, a wrist band, a wide-banded watch or arm warmers. if you dont usually dress darkly, then the bracelets & bangles are probably your best bet, or maybe the watch.

i have to warn you though, watch it when you’re cutting on your hips. i went too deeply there once on my left side (i figured i wouldnt die from cutting on my hip), and besides leaving one heck of a scar, i damaged some nerves there. now it aches occasionally when i wear skinny jeans that hug my hips or when whatever im wearing rubs on it for too long (like a tag on the inside of a skirt or something).

to clean off your knives, i suggest washing them off with super-hot water, then cleaning them thoroughly with some cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol. that’ll disinfect them, as well as removing all traces of blood. then again, if you’re not as careful with your knives, you could just run them through the dishwasher.  

♥ Alice


Personally my choice for cutting instrument is a pencil sharpener blade, and my area of choice is my wrists or my thighs

Okay, well, for the cleaning, I usually use some hand sanitizer on my skin and the blade before. Once I’ve got blood, I leave it alone for a little while, and then wipe it up with a paper towel that I keep with me, and then clean the blade and my skin with the sanitizer again.

After a few days, I take a scrub brush to the healing cuts, and scrub ‘em well, usually drawing blood again, and rinse (Note: this really hurts, but you start to like it after a while) You can do this again after more scabs form, but only if you feel you need to. (Like if they look infected, *red, painful, swollen, warm to the touch*)

For the knife, I’d use hot water to rinse any blood off, and then rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or, you could use bleach, BUT A) NEVER MIX ANY OF THESE, B) If you do use bleach, be sure to rinse the knife before AND after and C) If using bleach, keep the knife in there for at least 30 seconds and remember to DRY WELL. You don’t want rust. Always stop using anything that’s become rusty, it’s very dangerous

Now for the hiding:

I use the “Space-it-out” method a lot. Where you make one or two shallow cuts on your arm, or where ever, so they look as if they were accidental. If I want to go deeper, I move to somewhere where I can cover my cuts with clothing, like my leg. If you use your arm, I recomend (spelling)  wearing a wrist band, and possibly bracelets, so not to draw attention to yourself. Make up, aka, concealer over a cut works well, just, not while they’re very new, or else it might cause infection. Oh, and when you’ve got the bands on, check to make sure nothing’s showing every once and a while. If anyone sees anything, just think on your feet and make up a story, like the cat did it.

Well, I hope this helps! If you need anything else, feel free to message me! :)

Love Nikki

Time Heals All Wounds, Always Remember That.
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XxJustAnotherGirlxX (not verified)

for me, blades r my favorite. i used to use pencil sharpener blades or the blades from leg shavers, but i have recently got my hands on a single edged razor blade. (i stole it from a store lol. but i do NOT suggest u go and start stealing knives. cameras these days…pfft)

and when it comes to cutting, i kinda have OCD about it. i can never do just one cut. it has to be four. or if i want more than i go up to eight, and so on. and because of this, i run out of room quickly. so i end up opening up older scars. and for where i cut. i used to cut on my arms, but that was like two or three years ago. my mom then found out and then there was the hospitals and therapy and what not. now, i cut my chest. like, places that r hidden underneath my bra. and then i do places hidden underneath my underwear. sometimes i will cut on my upper thighs. but i wear shorts in the summer, so i try to avoid cutting there. if i slip up, then i just wear capri’s and jeans. i dont go swimming btw haha.

i usually cut in the shower, so the water rinses off the blood for me, but when i need to do a quickie, then i just wipe the blade off with some hot water and toilet paper.

for cleaning the cuts. i usually let the blood flow for a couple minutes then start cleaning. just some hydrogen peroxide and anti-bacterial saop do the trick. it does sting. just a warning. but i personally dont care. it feels nice. when im in a hurry, i dont clean it. later, when i get some time, i reopen the cuts, then pretty much repeat the above. altho, if u can avoid reopening them, then dont do this. it causes more scarring and it takes longer to heal.

for hiding. well, i rly dont need to worry about hiding. for u. i think i read that u cut on ur arms. when i used to cut on my arms, i first started putting makeup over the cuts. i never rly was good at making them look accidental, so i kinda gave up after a while. soon, the makeup wore out and i just wore long sleeves. but if u usually dont, then makeup or bracelets r the way to go. u can use arm bands like the others were saying, or wrist watches and hide them under there. thats all i got.

i probably wouldnt keep cutting on ur arms. sooner or later, someone will find out. just my opinion. hope this helps u :))

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Jil (not verified)

Hey.. I’m sorry to bother you but.. I need help.

Firstly, I’m just wondering. When ya’ll cut, do you just slash really deep once? Or do you rub the blade back and forth on your skin? Like, lacerate real deeply? Cuz.. I cut myself.. And for some reason my wounds don’t bleed a lot. And I kinda.. Want it to.. Oh, and I cut on my wrists, and thighs, and shoulders.. And.. I don’t really bother to hide em.. Because no one really cares in the first place. So they don’t look. But if they do see, I just make up a story, saying some cat or this violent guys in school did it. Please help.

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ANONYMOUS (not verified)

hey… when I cut it doesn’t bleed much either, it takes me atleast 5 minutes to break through my skin and make it bleed even a little bit. My older sister by two years is incredibley worried about me because about a week ago she got me to tell her honestly that I feel like I’ve lost my sanity. She looks at me very carefully and I’m worried that she’ll notice that I cut. I haven’t been able to break through my skin untill today when I was incredibly determined. I don’t even know why I cut. I have the awesomest family ever. PS. I’m 12. I know, I’m to young. But I finally made myself bleed and now, if my sister sees, IDK what she’ll do.


I know where you are coming from… I’m 12 too I have a great family but it sucks, and I just scored a 97 on a depression test. I really don’t want my parents, or anyone for that matter, to pity me. I sucks because I also have anxiety. But my brother is the one who is overprotective of me, he tried to kill himself. I don’t want to die I just need an escape because, I am worthless, ugly, fat, depressed, tired, alone,stupid, crazy, and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. I just want all of my depression, and anxiety to be gone.


Yeah… I have been cutting for a couple months now I use and exacto blade, kinda jagged..

i cut but like I don’t bleed and i get scars sometimes but sometimes they just turn red even though I have pushed quite a bit I can never get through the skin and yeah… I’m 11….

i guess we’re kinda on the same page

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#depresson (not verified)

Hi sorry to bother you but I cut on my arm and I just ay that I fell but i think my mom kows that i cut and if my moms finds ut then she will put me in a mental hospital PLZ HELP!

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Marvelteen13 (not verified)

I would brake an old cd and cut my stomach neck arms legs face. After I leave it to burn. After an hour I would clean it. To cover it up I use make up for face also I use long sleeve shirts for arms and I never wear shorts only long pants and I hate water so no need for a bakini.

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ET (not verified)

I use a single edge razor and cut on my arms. I think i need to start cutting on my hips though because I don’t want random people noticing. My parents don’t care enough to pay any attention. I don’t really clean my blade, I just wipe off the blood afterwards. I never cut very deep so I don’t think I run high risk of infection. As for the cuts, i just let them bleed for a few minutes then hold some gauze over it with pressure to stop the bleeding. Then I’ll put a bandaid and antibiotic on the small ones and just leave the long ones alone. I don’t hide them because no one cares :/

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IMTryingToStop... (not verified)

My cuts really aren’t that deep, but I have over 32 on both of my arms… their totally visable though. I don’t like wearing long sleeve shirts all the time, and I have no money to go by arm warmers and braselettes… I wear a black sweater all the time though, it’s my saftey blanket actually… so I wear it all the time. i cut on my wrist and my lower arm, I sometimes cut on my legs, but my pants typically hide it.

  My parents don’t know about my cutting if they did, they probably would put me in stupid therepy. I was in therepy before for severe clinical depression… I started cutting in third grade so I have a lot of scars. their not very visable though, as i said before, i never cut too deep. only enough to hurt. Please help? I’m trying to stop, but you know… the temptation of the blade… (  . 

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