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So I met with my psychiatrist today after my dad noticed some cuts on my ankle. I mentioned that I thought my Lorazapam wasn’t helping anymore and that I needed to see someone about it.

So we drove 50 minutes for a less-than-5-minutes appointment, in which he threw the generic form of Prozac at me. It irks me, because I’ve only seen this guy twice, and this time he asked me how prom went and why I was still SI-ing. I told him my boyfriend dumped me after prom, and tried to downplay the fact. That wasn’t the reason I went to see him, I went because I’ve been struggling overall. Having the support system that was my boyfriend go away only worsened everything. 

I don’t know what else to type, my brain isn’t working right at the moment. I guess I’m just freaked out at the prospect of being perscribed antidepressants. Has anyone else gone through anything like this? I’m worried, especailly with it being the end of the school year…

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