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Just something I need to get out.

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I haven’t cut or done any form of SI for a little over 2 months, and frankly, I kinda miss it. My mom bought a new set of silverware today and it came with a TON of steak knives. My brother sarcastically stated that we didn’t have enough and when mom replied with how dull our current ones are.  I wouldn’t know, since I have never used our nice set for SI, but I do know that the set my mom has put away in a drawer is extremely dull.  I’m not going to give up now, not after 2 months of fighting and snapping rubber bands. I love how I have this one guy friend who is so supportive about all this, I’m actually talking to him right now about all this. I am happy about how long I’ve made it, but it never leaves my mind. I always think about it, think about going back, think about how my scars on my thighs prevent me from changing in the locker room. I guess I just had to get this out.  


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i feel the same way! it’s been 2 or 3 months for me of not SI ing and i really miss it! I’ve been thinking about it alot lately to. Im craving it again in a way i haven’t since the time i was deeply into SI. constantly on my mind to. this blog entry is like a piece of my mind lol. right down to how your worried about the scars on your thighs. gym is going to be a problem this school year isn’t it?


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