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out of glue

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Well,im breaking apart,im running out of glue to piece myself back together,Nothing is worth anything anymore.Im so depressed and upset,but i dont know what about.i gave up on people,i stay silent or tune them out with an MP3 player,and brokencyde.yet,nobody notices,i come to school on 95 degree weather,and noone notices.im not trying to draw attention to myself,im just trying to cover up my dirty little scret.but,now,that i know everything going on in the school.and people talk to me,im still invisible.I can walk away from someone while thir talking,and they wouldnt notice.i scare most people with my silence,i can see it in their eyes,one person even said i was “souless” right in front of me,they didnt know i was there,talking thruogh me.i dont know what to do about anything,i feel like sleeping and never waking up,or,a dragon carrying me far far away,to a magical land.but,oh boy,thats never goning to happen.

jeez,what is wrong with me?

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Guest OddStatistic

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Nothing is wrong with you. People are silly. I’ve gotten the “souless” line a few times too. I’m also very quiet in public. Sometimes, I go so long without actually talking that, when I try to speak, my voice won’t climb above a whisper. Add to my silence my height and figure, and yes, people are randomly fearful of me. I’ve been complaining about it to a friend here lately: Online, I’m just me. In person, I’m a monster. Just by my looks, a cashier decides I must have escaped from a mental hospital or be a serial killer, the video store has banned me for being suspicious looking (I’ll be arrested if I ever go there again), etc I could go on and on for quite a while. You’re not alone. Everything will work out for you. Don’t give up.

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