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Wow I'm Stupid

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I thought this Christmas would run smoothly. I’m going to my dad’s house for Christmas for the first time since third grade. Everything was planned out ahead of time. Or so I thought. See my mom had schedualed a therapy appointment for the tuseday after Christmas and a family counsuling appointment on wednesday. I thought ‘oh yeah my Dad won’t have a problem with that.’ I didn’t even think about going to see relatives and stuff. I am so stupid. So now he and my mom are at it again because I was stupid enough to forget about actually doing stuff with family over the holidays. stupid stupid stupid. I’f I would have thought about it I could have said something to my mom before she made the appointments. I failed big time. Ha why did I think that for some reason this holiday out of all the other holidays would ru smoothly. I screwed up yet again. I seem to be good at that. I really hope that this is just a rough patch and everything else will be ok. I’m so scared it wont be. I really dont want to be the rope in my parents game of tug-a-war.


Don’t blame yourself, this isn’t your fault! How were you supposed to know that your mom would schedule things for you while you were at your dad’s? You’re not stupid.

Try and reason with your mom, maybe ask her to try and get different appointments. After all, this is the first christmas you’ve had with your dad in a long time. She should be able to see that it is a very important time for you.

Keep your head up, things will get better soon!


like everyone else said, it isnt your fault. your mom scheduled the appointment, not you. so really, she is at fault. im guessing your parents are divorced? i know how that goes. your mom and dad will argue over everything, and that isnt your fault. seems like this issue triggered some yelling, but that was on your moms behalf. not yours.

so yeah. point is, dont blame yourself for everything. things happen for a reason, and they arent always caused by you. ) remember that.


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