Everything around me feels like it is falling away from the center of the earth and i am left floating on the edge of existence. My chest becomes tight as if all the oxygen has been ripped away from the world. All i want is to see what i long to see from the man i have secretly loved for as long as i have known him. As I’m thinking how much i would love to give myself over to him entirely, there is a slight voice at the back of my mind, like a demon reminding me of my sins. I already have a love in my life.

assulted by a cop

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I need to talk to a lawyer … I was just sexually assaulted by a cop. THIS IS NOT A STUPID APRIL FOOLS JOKE! I have been stopped on 4 separate occasions by franklin police officers while I was walking in town.

Things that rhyme with orange


Hey, the names holly. People call me Holly. Lol.

I like things that smell nice, I enjoy being in the company of my close friends, Brothers and my gorgeous boyfriend andrew.

Im not going to go on about how bad or horrible my life is, cause honestly no matter how bad i think it might be, everyone on this planet are fighting there own little war, and if we all went on about it, things would be worse now wouldnt they..

About me.............


My name is Aria, i am 14 years old , and have recently started self harming due to bullying at school and stress as i have my GCSEs coming next year also problems with my freinds and family.

I cut regularly especcially when i am angry or upset about something i have tried lots of ways to stop but none of them work so i am hoping that this blog/website will help me to do that.


Thank for reading 




A while back my English teacher made us write poems and at one in the morning the night before they were due i wrote about the only thing on my mind… my precious blade. I remember writing about how the blade can’t control me anymore. I remember writing about how I’m worth more than a stupid piece of metal, but now 3 month later i find myself with the blade in my hand almost every night. The thing is the blade is the only thing I have at 2 am where all I wanna do is cry.


We need help


I want to start a blog so maybe people can benefit from  this so I’ll start it off, I’m a 15 year old boy who cuts himself and now I’m scaring my friends and family so I want to stop so I don’t hurt them btu I don’t know how so I’m lost, more lost than when I started cutting.

Day Three

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So it’s 20:19 right now, I am exhausted. A night of tossing and turning and only getting to sleep at 4am to be woken up with the S.O hitting a gym ball off your head trying to pull you out of bed to go to college, begging to stay off for the morning, and promising that you will go in for the afternoon lecture.

Finally he leaves you be and the phone begins to ring, ring, ring. You ignore the call and it rings again and again. It’s work. 

Day Two


So here I am again, typing away to the anonymity that is the internet. The irony of it all.

So after the drama of what was last night, I am now only feeling the side effects.

The tears.

The screams.

The “I’m sorrys”

The “I swear I will never do it again, just don’t leave mes”

I told.

I spilled the beans.

I broke his heart …. again.

Last time I swore I wouldn’t do it again, and after a week - I failed … again.

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Are you getting any form of support from this, either officially from a therapist and/or psychiatrist, or your friends or family? I know when I try to resist by myself it’s that much more difficult. You are definitely not alone in feeling the way you do. <3


Well, I use glass. I accidentally broke my favorite childhood picture and the shards of glass cut my hands when I tried to pick them up. Well, I didn’t feel anyhting and the next thing I knew, my hands were dripping with blood. It’s so sharp I don’t feel a thing.  Glass is my signiture weapon and I clean it with hot water...

britt (not verified)

I have the same problem 


Welcome Elleris and, yes, we are all usually loved and should be open to loving other people (not meaning this in a romantic sense).


You are not alone. hearts.png If you can, it’s okay to reach out to people in your life so you can get proper support. If you’re not ready that’s also okay and you can talk here.