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The end~

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Inspired by a song “I’m in a coffin-I’m a weapon against myeself”. It’s a weird song,but I like it D  

Looking back in the calender,it was a terrible month for me. That’s why this picture was made.

P.S. Yes,this is Sakura from “Naruto”. I like to draw HER in this cind of condition..>:3


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Deirdre (not verified)

You are indeed a wonderful artist, my friend. I, too, like Sakura from Naruto although I am not a very good artist like yourself. Drawings can hold powerful and hidden messages that not all can understand unless they can look past what is easily seen on paper and look into the smaller, finer details that hold the true signifence and power. Your drawing is stunning, for it’s detail and personal message that so many of us here can understand.  

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Deirdre (not verified)

Sure thing, my friend. If there is anything I can do for you, please, do ask. I struggle with self-harm, and have no friends here where I am either. I tend to be alone in school, but I suppose I prefer the solitude, for it is the quietness and peace where most true lessons and messages are given. In the presence of others, I am very reserved and fearful, unless it is someone I trust, yet I trust none except my family (only in certain subjects) but my animal companions, I trust them more then anyone (human) that I know. They never yell if I self-harm, but instead, try to heal the wounds. My horse, for example, will touch my wounds and just lay his head there, as though he can somehow heal my self-inflicted wounds. My dog licks the wounds, which, I truly believe, keeps away infection and perhaps takes away the negative energies that often come with self-injury. My cats often are present when I do self-injure, and have taken it upon themselves to be my guardians. When I am going through difficult times, they often follow me around and if I do cut or scratch, they’re right there to help me. Sometimes, they’ll try to stop me, and when it is so, I often cannot bring myself to cut in front of their worried eyes. I have spoken far to much about myself. Please, my friend, tell me, how are you fairing? I certainly hope that you are doing well and will only continue to improve. I am here if you need to discuss something that is troubling you. Do not be afraid to ask. I will not judge or become upset, I promise. 


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