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What are some ways to stop cutting without doctors, or pills, or talking it out?

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Since i am young, if i tell anyone i will get put away. even if i wouldnt i dont want to risk that because it would just make it worse for me. i have tried a lot of things to stuff, but the urges and the pain comes again. i would love to know how to deal with this without the need of others. please helps and thank you so much. <3

It sounds rather simple but try telling yourself you’ll self-injure in –x– amount of time, say two hours, six hours or more. If you still want to self-injure at that time, try setting yourself another time in the future. This was suggested by a therapist and I find it can help with cutting in the moment if you’re willing to play by its rules.

There are also workbooks on self-injury if you have some spare change and a private place to store them. Finding some insight on your self-injury can help you figure out why you do it and how triggers lead up to the actual act. Just, basically familiarize yourself with how self-injury works for you so you know at what angle to come at it at.

There are distractions you can try when you feel the urge to self-injure.

If you want to stop by yourself you have to learn some positive self-talk, learn your limits, don’t skip out before you reach your goals and, if you fail, don’t use that as an excuse to further downspiral since many of us (including me!) have done that and it doesn’t lead to anything good. There aren’t replacements for self-injury and you’re going to have some bad moments you’re going to have to work through.

You can do it. Good luck! :)


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