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    Draco Malfoy

    The Luckiest Girl in the World (Steven Levenkron)

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    • Just looking at Katie Roskova you’d think she had it all: she was pretty popular an A-student at an exclusive private school and on her way to becoming a champion figure skater. But there was another Katie–the one she hid from the world–who was having trouble dealing with the mounting pressures of her young life. And it was this Katie who with no other means of expression available to her reacted to her overbearing mother her absent father her unforgiving schedule and her oblivious classmates by turning her self-doubt into self-hatred. And into self-mutilation. In his previous novel The Best Little Girl in the World Steven Levenkron brought insight expertise and sensitivity to the painful subject of anorexia nervosa. Now he applies these same talents to demystifying a condition that is just as heartbreaking and becoming more common everyday. Through his depiction of Katie’s self-mutilating behavior–she is called “a cutter” by her peers–and her triumphant road to recovery he offers a compelling profile of a young girl in trouble and much-needed hope to the growing numbers who suffer from this shocking syndrome.

    • Book Title The Luckiest Girl in the World : A Young Skater Battles Her Self-Destructive Impulses
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    Guest Nicole

    Posted · Report

    This book is amazing. It truly depicts
    the daily struggle of a cutter trying to
    play it off as if everything is okay.
    The deeper you get into the book to more
    you realize Katie is a reflection of
    yourself…If only we all had the
    strength to stick with therapy.

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    This book was extremely good, i sort of
    had a connection with katie, because she
    was pressured by her mom and stuff. i
    thought it was so sad at the end since
    she had her first ever b-day party…i
    mean she is 16! that is not right!
    everyone should read this book, to show
    you that you don’t need to be a
    “freak” to cut.

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    Guest unlucky

    Posted · Report

    this book is fantastic it really helped
    me when i thought that this was the
    worst life could get if a didn’t read
    it and understand that there are other
    people like me then who knows what i
    would have done….

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    Guest Elizabeth

    Posted · Report

    I read thisbook when I was really
    fighting with SI and - it really hit
    home. I cried and cried when they found
    out about her. But after I finished the
    book I decided it was time for me to
    come out,and I did. That was two years
    ago and I still battle with it everyday
    but ya know what? It gets easier.

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    I love it! I cried and cried when I read
    it because I had felt so alone until I
    found this book. It is amazing!

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