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    • anfony
      By anfony
      does bpd affect anyone else here?
    • radiochattertherapy
      By radiochattertherapy
      yo. pj here. i'm a teenaged queer teen who needs a support group/someone to talk to. i've been dealing with self-injury off and on for nearly a year now, and i've tried to talk to close friends, but at the moment that is no longer a viable option, so.
      my type of self harm is strictly ccutting and biting (fingernails and knuckles) at this point. i dont really have any other options, because of my situation. really i just need somewhere to vent that isnt connected to anyone i know. 
      hit up my message thing if you wanna talk/offer support. i'm still figuring this damn thing out, and im not sure if ill stick around, but well see.
    • Draco Malfoy
      By Draco Malfoy
      Lisa: ‘What’s this? Huh? What’s this?’
      Daisy: ‘Let go.’
      Lisa: ‘Tryin’ out your new silver?’
      Daisy: ‘Get the fuck off of me.’
      Lisa: ‘Less appealing for Daddy, huh?’
      Daisy: ‘Look at your own arm, asshole.’
      Lisa: ‘I’m sick, Daisy, we know that. But here you are in so-called recovery, playing Betty Crocker, cut up like a God damn Virginia ham.’
    • Draco Malfoy
      By Draco Malfoy
      Maybe I was just crazy. Maybe it was the sixties. Or maybe I was just a girl… interrupted.

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Welcome to self-injury.net. We are a support community for self-harmers and also provide information on self-harm, creative works, media lists, lists of resources (helplines, textlines, mental health apps, therapists, etc.), etc. We focus on self-injury but a number of other mental health issues are included.


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