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    • brynai17
      By brynai17
      Dearest daughter
      Stands in the mirror
      Wipes away her tears
      So maybe she'll see herself clearer
      She wants to look like mommy
      Or the models on the T.V.
      So she decorates her face
      With cucumbers and seaweed
      Pokes holes in her ears
      And puts in things that shine
      Draws symbols on her flesh
      And then carves them there for all time
      She starves herself till bones show
      And creak with every step
      Sometimes you could hear her
      Crying while she slept
      If only daughter dearest knew
      What she was doing to herself
      Maybe then she'd know 
      She needed to ask for help
    • brynai17
      By brynai17
      A shred of truth
      Hidden somewhere behind the lies
      A host with trembling hands
      The girl in black with bloodshot eyes
      Feet that can't move forward
      And time that can't turn back
      She puts her hands to her eyes 
      So she cant see the mirror crack
      A heart that has no bearing
      On a mind she can't restore
      The little girl inside her
      Is begging her for more
      "Why can't you be better?"
      "Why can't you be more?"
      Serrated edges by the window
      Blood knocking at the door
      She assumed it wasn't close to morning
      Because the stars still called her name
      Rope hanging by a thread
      She doesn't want to lose this game
      But The Grave still haunts her dreams
      Her nightmares speak of life
      The will to live and try
      And finally put down the knife
    • Draco Malfoy
      By Draco Malfoy
      In this world it is very difficult to know what to do. One struggles to know good from evil, but really they’re so often so very much alike. I always think those people fortunate who are content to stand, without question, by the Ten Commandments, knowing exactly how to conduct themselves and propped up by the hope of Paradise on the other. But we who answer Why to the crude Thou shalt not are like sailors on a wintry sea without a compass: reason and instinct say one thing, and convention says another; but the worst of it is that one’s conscience has been reared on the Decalogue and fostered on hell-fire, and one’s conscience has the last word. I daresay it’s cowardly, but it’s certainly discreet, to take it into consideration; it’s like lobster salad: it’s not immoral to eat it, but you will very likely have indigestion. One has to be very sure of oneself to go against the ordinary view of things; and if one isn’t, perhaps it’s better not to run any risks, but just to walk along the same secure old road as the common herd. It’s not exhilarating, it’s not brave, and it’s rather dull; but it’s eminently safe.
    • sparrowhawk
      By sparrowhawk
      My cutter has been my creative force since I first started to draw. He guides my brush when I paint, he takes me through the depths of emotion and into beautiful, raw places. When I give my cutter the job of creating art, I don't have to harm my skin. The need for expression is fulfilled.

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