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    • Alice Swan
      By Alice Swan
      Roses are red
      Violets are blue,
      Sugar is sweet
      And you said I was too. 
      Gaining my trust
      To break my walls down, 
      Making me smile
      When I wanted to drown. 
      Spilling my secrets
      Whilst you kept yours,
      Expressing my issues
      You masking your flaws.
      But your lies were well hidden
      Your footsteps erased,
      As you pulled at my heart strings
      Wires frayed and debased.
      Now the lilies have fallen
      The foxgloves dropped dead,
      As your hands squeeze my heart
      And you messed with my head. 
      The truth all a tangle
      You trapped me where I stood,
      Manipulating my movements
      Denying everything you could. 
      You twisted my sentences
      To let blood bleed red,
      Feeling no pain yourself
      But letting me cut instead. 
      But a world without flowers
      Is not where I want to be,
      So maybe I should escape now
      Before I start to crave your company. 
      Picking dead leaves
      Gravestones breathed out,
      Slitting my wrists
      That's what this is all about.
      Losing a battle
      With myself and the world
      You spurring me forwards
      So I just gave up and left. 
    • Angelica Sky
      By Angelica Sky
      When you die the only kingdom you’ll see,
      is two foot wide and six foot deep.
    • Guest earlgreywarden
      By Guest earlgreywarden
      hi, my name is ashe. my friend mentioned this site and i decided to sign up as well to see if i can... vent my brainfog, i suppose.
      it's a lot easier online.
      my story... it's long and complicated and altogether unpretty. i'll go into more detail in my blog.
    • applez
      By applez
      Hello, I feel as if my life has run it's course. I'm 29 years old now and have thought about this since summer but only now feel as if I should take that final step. If only I wasn't such a wimp!
      I have a bottle of pills which should do the job but I'm worried about well death itself I  guess. 
      I did attempt this via the slice and dice method when I was 19 and also had to have my stomach pumped...not nice!
      I don't know even now I feel numb as I type this. I keep reading it back and thinking 'pathetic' so am sorry if this has annoyed or offended you even though you know nothing of my lifestyle or nature. I just needed to do something/anything to take my mind of this bottle of pills.
      My mother knows how down I am and has pleaded with me not to do it but I've tried to assure her she'll be alright as she as many other children and even more grandchildren!
      I don't know I just don't see any other way out at the moment. ( x

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