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    • understandingself-harm
      Self-harm Survey
      By understandingself-harm
      Do you regularly seek support online for self-harm? 
      Support means anytime you've gone online and talked about self-harm with others, seeking advice or sharing experiences. 
      I'm seeking this information for studies. It will be anonymous. 
    • owo
      By owo
      I removed this post because I am afraid my parents will find it.
    • 2Wrongs
      Cut Treatment
      By 2Wrongs
      I made a cut on my pinky three days ago, it's palm side between the hand and lowest finger joint. I reopened it yesterday night and the day before yesterday. It's bigger and deeper than most of my others because of this, maybe 2 cm long with half of that being open. It stopped bleeding long ago, but part of it still hasn't closed. Which is pissing me off because when I have and open cut, I want it to bleed... Anyway, I've been treating it just like normal (bandaid and cleaning it and such), but at what point should I see if I need more treatment on it? It hasn't been that long obviously but I thought I'd ask. Sorry if that was too much detail, just wanted to give an accurate description.
    • PrincessAngie
      What could I do to stop being so angry?
      By PrincessAngie
      For years I have had on/off depression/anxiety. I reached my breaking point on Monday, and cut myself for the first time. It's hard to say exactly why I cut myself. I just feel so aggrevated with everything. I am angry that I haven't had a boyfriend and I am turning 20 in 8 days. I am angry because I barely have friends, maybe only 2 or 3 that I never see or hang out with. I'm angry because I am still a virgin and I am afraid to have sex. Sex didn't scare me as much in my early teens. I had tons of sexual fantasies. Now, I can't seem to bring myself to have any more fantasies and when I try to do..things..to myself I get so shaky and nervous and I need to stop. It just scared the living daylights out of me because I should have done it by now. I'm Angry because I want to be adventurous, go to parties, have fun, be sexual and seductive, but I just don't have it in me. I don't feel confident enough and deep down inside I like who I am. I am innocent and naive. But I am frustrated because I just want to be like everyone else. I hate it when people call me cute  and treat me like an idiot because I am innocent. I hate it with a passion and it makes me hate who I am. I feel like a total loser who knows nothing about life. I know I may be confusing you, I am even confusing myself with how I feel..I just want to know what to do to stop overthinking and second guessing who I am and to stop being so angry at myself.
    • ScarsofFeelings
      (possible tmi warning) Cutting affecting bodyily functions
      By ScarsofFeelings
      About an hour after I cut today, I noticed my digestive system seemed to have relaxed in a sense. I usually struggle with constipation due to my medications, but I could actually have a significant bowel movement for the first time in like two years. Could this be because of the adrenaline? Is there any reason why certain times si can give you more of a "high" than other times?

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