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    Bleeding (Basix)

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    • “Bleeding” by Basix

      From the top of a world to a bottomless pit
      From the fire where my live’s well lit
      To the coldest place where souls go to rest
      N no I ain’t just gettin shit off my chest
      Flexin as I be stressin, be readily investin in a question
      Lettin off aggression in this rap session is a blessin
      Cuz honestly it’s keepin me sane, well in line
      Bit like me stayin in my own lane, in my mind
      With all these emotions I’m exposin
      Runnin deeper than oceans

      Not hopin for a magic potion, so now I’m thought provokin
      Shit talkin n invokin malicious rhymes
      Not laughin n jokin, suspicious times
      On my hands n knees cryin just hopin you’re fine
      Just thinkin bout you dyin, baby girl you’re mine

      Here for you one hundred precent of the time
      So know that’s written in cement n not lime
      That’s yesterday, today, and tomorrow too
      So I pray that today you start to get a clue

      When you bleed, I bleed, I bleed, I bleed
      When you bleed, I bleed, I bleed
      Don’t go towards the light
      Because you already shine, bright

      Now I see, the destruction of these chain of events
      Now to me, the corruption you see, pain of prevents
      I’m forever family, I saw you grow up
      Do whatever it takes, but now you blow up
      At the ones who love you most, no waste of breath
      Like guns above the coast, angel of death
      This is reality, to see a hospital bed
      With no vitality, fills me with volatile dread

      So I’m tryna’ wrap my head ‘round this but in my head
      It keeps killin till I’m dead, n I might have to behead
      This pretty boy but I wrote this instead
      If I annoy, know it’s to lesson embed
      Give yourself a few years, open your eyes
      Learn from the new tears, fuck the lies
      And you’ll do just fine, that’s a promise I can keep
      Eyes are blue not blind, in time, benefits you’ll reap
      Will surpass any of this trash, real talk
      Burn to ash all that’s in the past, then walk
      On with a new you, it’s the thing to do
      Know that my love’s true, now you’ve got a clue

      That’s all I really got to fucking say,
      I love you to death Sara…

      When you bleed, I bleed, I bleed, I bleed
      When you bleed, I bleed, I bleed
      Don’t go towards the light,
      Because you already shine, bright

      When you bleed, I bleed, I bleed, I bleed
      You already shine bright


    • Song Title Bleeding
    • Band Name Basix
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