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    Picture (KJ-52)

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    • She clutched her square phone with eyes that never held hope
      and she about 12 yo but I really couldn’t tell though
      her sleeves went past her elbows in when she pulled them low
      they covered the cuts that ran back and forth like railroads
      a short bow up in her hair that matched her shell toes
      she stared at me in pale clothes she stood there froze
      she said can I show you a picture in my cellphone
      it’s of my dad and aint I seen him since he left home
      but I aint mad it’s just my mom she feels all alone
      and don’t feel bad cause this is all we’ve ever came to know
      this pic is my new school but I don’t ever wants to go
      cuz everyone thinks they too cool and I hate it so
      I hide up in my room and then I go and then I locks the door
      I don’t know what to do my mom she thinks she lost control
      I wanna show you a little picture before I gots to roll
      I said sure then she pulled it out slow saying..

      if I told you if I showed you
      my pictures are all I can hold to
      would I know you could I hope you
      see that my pictures are all I can hold to

      if God loves me then why he make me face this
      I think I’m ugly I wanna change it like a facelift
      then suddenly she went and took off her bracelets
      showed me the cuts upon her wrists and where they made prints
      sometime I get mad don’t know how to take this
      she showed me a picture of her dad back in ‘86
      we look alike all the way to how our face gets
      I said your right and then I laughed but let me show this

      they say a picture’s worth a thousand words that I’m sure of
      but let me show you this very picture you aint never heard of
      pulled out a book and she said well tell me what is that
      there aint no pictures in that book thats just a page that’s black
      I said this picture represents exactly where we at
      we in the dark without a spark of hope that will last
      I flipped the page she said that aint a picture neither
      that’s just a blank page, why don’t you look a bit deeper
      this represents the very place now that we can go
      its all based on this next page I gots to show
      the next page is red you understanding this?
      well that’s the blood that Jesus shed so you can live
      and you can exchange your old pictures right now for Him
      and you can trade it all in for what he’s down to give
      I put the pictures in her hands see it comes down to this
      which ones you holding on to yours or His

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    • Band Name KJ-52
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      You’re that person
      Yeah, i wrote you that email
      You th-! Dang, wh-what’s hapened since I last talked to you?
      Man… A whole lot’s happened, but I’m better now. Thank you KJ

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