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    • emily rose
      By emily rose
      The first time i self harmed when i was in 5th grade i took a razor blade out of a pencil sharpener and i accidentally cut my finger open so i cut my arm just to see how it feels i kept doing by the time i was in 6th grade my arm was horrible nobody notice i don't see how they dint but in 6th grade i got hospitalized  because i tried to kill my self i failed of course but when i got out i cut my wrist so bad i went through my arm tissue it was nasty but  i felt so numb by the time i was in 7th grade ive controlled myself i did it maybe a 2 times a week instead of every day i'm in 8th grade now and i'm about 5 weeks clean... i think the mane reason why i started to cut my self because i got raped when i was little it started at 6 years old all the way to 10 years old but it's what ever but that's  my story i hoped you guys liked it if anybody wants to talk i'm here. 
    • GettingBetter
      By GettingBetter
      Ok so I haven't cut myself in 5 months and 11 days now. I has been pretty tough but for now I managed to sty strong, even if sometimes I used the rubber band trick.. My "problem" is that I've always been super controling about my cuts: the deth, the places, the Healing, everything was Under control (that's also whay it took time to realise my addiction). So now that I'm clean for quite a long time I almost don't have any scars, and the one that are here and barely visible or don't look like self harm... And I feel weird about that. I know how Lucky I am to have been able to preserve my body but it almost feels like it never happened! Like my everyday struggle is not valid, not real, because you can't see my pain on my arms/hips/tighs anymore! It's probably super weird by can anyone relate to that?
    • Draco Malfoy
      By Draco Malfoy
      Hey you
      What do you hold in your hand
      I hope you understand
      What I was
      Who I am
      And always been
      What do you know about me
      You see
      All superficial things
      All the colors
      All the flavors
      But you forget why you're here
      I wanna make this clear
      That you exist
      Because of what I resist
      And it's all
      About me
      It's all about me
      It'll always be me
      And it'll always be me
      Hey you
      Can you hear me
      Through static and noise
      In your head
    • Guest
    • Black_Gem
      By Black_Gem
      My bestfriend. I could never live without it. My blade. My only get away. My sign of life in my dead reality. If I never had it, my blade, I would have drowned in my unaltered dreams.
      To see the site of my blood run down my wrist, like a vampire, waiting for nightfall to feel the bloodlust crash like heavy waves in the eye of the storm. To feel to bitter sweet pleasure of pain. To hear the whispers in my head, demanding more.
      My blade is my salvation. My savior. My guardian.
      Bliss. Ignorance, that is. Something I'm told I am when my sleeves are yanked up and I'm scolded for my empty minded, dangerously deadly artwork. 
      If I never had it, my blade, I would be nothing.
      My bestfriend, Blade.

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