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    • Guest
      By Guest
      Bee Smith is seen struggling with the temptation to self harm. In the last scene she gives in to her struggle.
    • ad nauseam
      By ad nauseam
      Two suicide attempts - in one, near the beginning of the episode, Alex is seen in a flashback having slit her wrists in a bathtub (following the disappearance/death of her son); the other is of Iris, who gets Sally, a junkie, to inject her with a fatal dose of heroin and wrap a plastic bag around her head for good measure. 
      There are also multiple scenes of self harm throughout by various characters (based on a vampiric-type-blood-lust-ritualisation-thing).
    • Guest
      By Guest
      During several split scenes, one of the psychiatrist’s patients is talking about the “Indians” cutting themselves once a month to get rid of the bad spirits as the daughter, Violet, is in the bathroom cutting herself with a razor. After that scene, the patient comes up behind Violet, who has the door open and talks to her about it.
      At time of submission, only the Pilot has aired, but it looks like the self-injury is going to be an ongoing thing in the series.
    • ad nauseam
      By ad nauseam
      Violet continues to cut her wrists with razor blades - as seen in episode 1, as well as later on in the series - while in a dissociated state; she also envisages herself slitting her throat.
      Later in the episode, she attempts suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills. 

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