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      Reid is approached by a young disturbed man/teenager who phantasizes about killing prostitutes. Instead of hurting them however, he results to hurting himself, trying to kill himself in the end. Reid finds and saves him.
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      A serial killer hunting dark haired female students on a college campus in Arizona inspires the FBI investigators to shut the school down.  One student goes to the room of another to tell her she has to leave.  Inside the room - before the other student knocks - the student choosing to stay on campus is shown cutting herself.  She’s suicidal and has dyed her hair black from blonde(?) in the hope of being the next victim.  SPOILER: She eventually finds the killer, but he thinks her plea to be murdered is a trap set by the police.  She goes into a rage and stabs the killer.  When the police refuse to shoot her, she stabs herself.  Both she and the killer die from their injuries.  The SIV scene is very short.
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      This episode has a psychopath that self-harms, it is only about half way through the episode that you find this out. He self-harms by stabbing himself with a knife or making others stab him with a knife. It is shown at one point, all the scars on the side of his abdomen. The SI scene is brief and they only really bring the self injury to light near the end of the episode. It is a really good episode, one that throws you for a loop.

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