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    Draco Malfoy

    E.R.; Season 8, Episode 7: If I Should Fall From Grace

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    • A new med student assigned to Carter finds all sorts of surprises in store for him on his first day. Elizabeth spends her day searching for the angel of death, finding that all signs point towards Dr. Babcock. Nicole has a rough day training to become a nurse’s aide, and draws Abby’s ire after Luka invites her into a trauma. Puzzled by his grandmother’s fainting spells, Carter discovers that she is at great risk for a heart attack or stroke. He and Susan treat a law student/med student who has been cutting herself. The two grow closer, as Carter finally tells her about his stabbing and drug addiction. Mark picks up Rachel at school after she’s suspended. Peter is sued by Roger for custody and takes a DNA test to determine whether he is Reese’s real father. Despondent over badly injuring a young skateboarder, a mall security guard tries to hang himself.


      Grace sits on the gurney, sipping water. Carter and Susan are with her.
      GRACE: I must be dehydrated. I, uh, all I’ve had is coffee and a muffin since last night.
      CARTER: You want to tell us about the scars?
      GRACE: I used to be a cutter. My parents fought a lot when I was a kid, and I was in school. I developed an eating disorder. It was my way of dealing with the stress.
      CARTER: Did you ever see anyone about it?
      GRACE: The only people who really seemed to care were the doctors and nurses. Which is probably why I’m in med school.
      SUSAN: And what about now, are you still cutting?
      GRACE: (that’s silly) No.
      CARTER: Show me you arm.
      GRACE: You don’t believe me? (she pulls up her sleeve to reveal old scars)
      CARTER: Grace, you have a fever, and you have a borderline white count. Maybe from an infection, maybe from using a dirty blade.
      GRACE: I told you, I haven’t eaten.
      SUSAN: So the eating disorder continues?…
      GRACE: No! I’ve just been cramming!
      CARTER: Pull up your skirt.
      GRACE: Pardon me?!
      CARTER: Let me see your thigh.
      GRACE: I don’t think so!
      Susan pulls it up for her. There are fresh cut mark.
      GRACE: (to Susan) You ASS!
      CARTER: You’re still cutting.
      Grace grabs her bag and tries to go.
      SUSAN: We just want to help you.
      CARTER: Hold on, Grace.
      GRACE: I have a pathology final.
      CARTERL If you don’t stay and agree to speak to someone, you’ll force me to put you on a psych hold.
      GRACE: On what grounds?!
      CARTER: Danger to self.
      GRACE: (pushing past Carter) That’s not true.
      SUSAN: (grabbing Grace) Grace, Grace, wait.
      GRACE: (reeling away from Susan’s grip) Stop! You’re blowing this way out of proportion!
      SUSAN: If you just see one of our psychiatrists, we won’t hold you.
      GRACE: (pleading) What are you doing this?!
      Gallant comes up and regards the scene.
      CARTER: ‘Cause I know what it’s like to need help when you least want it.
      GRACE: Please. Please, just leave me alone.
      CARTER: I can’t.
      GRACE: (noticing Gallant) What are you staring at? You couldn’t even diagnose thrombocytopenia!
      SUSAN: (to Gallant) Get five of droperidol.
      Grace is getting hysterical.
      GRACE: No! No, no, no! Stop! Stop! I don’t need that. (crouches/ leans against the wall)
      SUSAN: (going down with Grace) Okay, just get back in the bed, Grace.
      GRACE: Don’t touch me! Don’t touch me!
      Gallant prepares Grace’s arm for the needle.
      GRACE: Please, please…
      CARTER: Okay, Just take it easy, it’s okay.
      GRACE: (near tears) Please, you’ll ruin everything. Please, you’ll ruin everything. No, please, stop. Don’t don’t don’t. Please. (in goes the needle) God, you can’t even give half… (sobs)

    • Episode Title If I Should Fall From Grace
    • Season 8
    • Episode 7
    • Television Show Title E.R.
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