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    Draco Malfoy

    Oz; Season 1, Episode 3: God's Chillin

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    • (In the chapel.)

      Alvarez: Father, ever since the baby was born, you know, I been bragging to all the other guys about how beautiful he is and shit like that. I mean, you really gotta admit, he’s the most beautiful baby in the world. So now I’m thinking that maybe I went a little overboard because Maritza called this morning talking about the baby got a bad liver and he’s still in the hospital and they think that he’s gonna die. So now I’m thinking, maybe God heard me bragging so much and he decided, you know, to punish me.

      Mukada: Oh, Miguel, God doesn’t work that way.

      Alvarez: I mean, growing up, I knew I was the best looking in my hood, you know. I told everybody. You know, I was the best athlete, I was the best lover, even my fucking car. So now I’m thinking that, you know, God’s pissed off. I’m wondering if you could talk to God for me and tell him that if he saves my baby, you know, I’ll stop being such a big mouth. Could you do that for me, Father?

      Mukada: I will, but you gotta pray to God too, you know? Don’t negotiate. You gotta stop bragging for your own good.

      Alvarez: I know that. But if my baby dies, you know, I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I mean, it’s like I’ll die.

      Mukada: Miguel, you should pray to God for your son’s health but you should also ask God to give you and Maritza the strength to face whatever happens.

      Alvarez: Maritza says that the doctor says that all this is going on because of the drugs we did before she was pregnant, you know. And after she was pregnant, people were fucking telling us not to and Maritza didn’t want to and I thought nothing bad was gonna fucking happen to me. Me. Pray for me. Pray for my baby.

      Mukada: I will. Repeat after me: “Oh, my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended thee and I detest all my sins…”

      Alvarez: No, that ain’t enough. That ain’t enough. God wants a piece of my fucking ass.

      (Hill narrating.)

      Hill: We try to figure out what God wants from us, why he put us here. We try to make deals with him, but God is one tough motherfucker. And we know to get what we need, we have to give up what matters most. Anything less, he’s not interested.

      (Alternating shots of Mukada in the chapel during mass and Alvarez in his pod, cutting himself.)

      Mukada: “Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world. Have mercy on us.” (He starts handing out communion.) The body of Christ.

    • Episode Title God's Chillin
    • Season 1
    • Episode 3
    • Television Show Title Oz
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