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Skins (UK)

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Effy Stonem is going through psychotic depression and doesn’t know where to turn. Freddie is trying to take care of her, and he and Katie bring her to Freddie’s grandfather’s Home. When Effy goes to the bathroom, Katie runs into the room to alert Freddie that she won’t come out. He breaks through the door to find Effy on the floor. There is a knife next to her and her wrist is bleeding. It is apparent that she was trying to kill herself. After the incident, Effy is placed in a mental hospital to recover.

Television Information
Episode Title: 
Season 4, Episode 5: Freddie
Image of Freddie
Genre: Drama
Description: Freddie is loved up. Completely. He and Effy are enjoying their time together and carrying on their hedonistic ways with no thought of tomorrow. His father and sister never see him and neither do the rest of the gang. At College, he's been threatened with expulsion if he doesn't get his work in. He's given a final warning by new teacher Mr T Love and the pressure's on to fix things.