2011, March 23 -- Site Updates (including Famous Self-Injurers -- Demi Lovato), Dashboard, etc.

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First off, sorry for the lack of Self-Injury Awareness Day update. I was stuck in a hotel in that specific day with no real access to my desktop. I do think this blog posted on SIAD on the Mind blog called Self harm: Rhian’s perspective is worth a look.

I’ve been making certain sections of the site more up-to-date and added a section called Males Who Self-Injure.

I’ve also added a mini-bio for Demi Lovato for the Famous Self-injurers section. I know I have a backlog of famous self-injurers I need to add and I’ve known about Demi Lovato’s story for some time but when she came out with the video for her fans I felt it was “ok” to write about her since I do not base my mini-biographies on paparazzi nonsense or tabloids without some sort of input in the media from the person who is actually self-injuring or comes out as having self-injured in the past. That, or they’re unfortunately dead.

Some of you members may have noticed the Dashboard, which is a page for quick access to your friends, friend requests, upcoming friends’ birthdays, recent images members have uploaded, a calendar of recent content, and “heartbeats” – both you-specific and site-wide – of recent content (statuses, blogs, etc.) on the site. 

I’ve also gone around and done a lot of little changes. It’s still a work in progress.

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