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    Vanderbilt TAP Study

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    • Our research team at Vanderbilt University is currently conducting a study on risk factors for suicidal thoughts and behaviors. The primary goal of the study is to better understand what thoughts, feelings, and experiences motivate suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

      We are interested in recruiting people who use this website to participate in our research study.

      Participation is completely voluntary. If you are interested in participating, you will complete an online screener to see if you qualify to participate. If you qualify, you will complete a variety of questionnaires online.

      The study will involve four online assessments over the next month that should take about 40-50min to complete and you will be compensated up to $70 in online gift cards to Amazon. A few important things to know about the study are:

      1. The study includes questions and images regarding self-harm, suicide, and other unpleasant images. **We strongly emphasize that some of the images included are extremely graphic suicide-related images. Some people may feel that these images are very disturbing and may find them to be triggering.**
      2. All information collected will be kept anonymous.
      3. Participation is completely voluntary.
      4. The link we provide will send you to a website telling you about the study. Once on that site, you can decide whether or not you want to participate.
      5. If you start to participate and decide you no longer feel comfortable or you are no longer interested, you can stop at any time.
      6. We will provide links to treatment resources throughout the study.
      7. This study will include only participants who are 18 years and older.

      Please send us a private message if you are interested in participating. Once you contact us, we will send you a link to the screening questionnaire to see if you qualify and to tell you more about the study. Here is a link to the study website:


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