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    Draco Malfoy

    07/11/2011 -- Request for Your Experiences for a Book

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    • My name is River. I am a recovering SI-er (aren’t we all?) and I have gotten to a place in my life where I finally feel safe talking about self injury. My goal now is to help other young men and women who are thinking about, or have already started down the road of self injury. I am writing a fiction book aimed at teens about what it is really like to be a self injurer. I am hoping y’all will be willing to help me in this endeavor. I only have my own experiences to draw off of and I want to make the book as realistic as possible but its not only my story. Its all of our stories. Who knows, maybe we can even educate people who don’t SI about what its like, and why they shouldn’t treat us like we’re crazy?

      If you are willing please fill out the questionnaire below. Please take precautions to make sure you are in a safe place where you are unlikely to have an SI episode. Some of the questions may be triggering and I don’t want anyone hurt. 

      Also, please understand that by filling out the questionnaire you are freely releasing your information and giving me permission to use the information in a book that I am intent upon publishing. I will not use any names, nor will the main character be based upon any one person or one experience but situations may arise in the story that seem similar to your own. By filling out the questionnaire you acknowledge that you can’t come back and sue me for using the information for the purpose of writing a fictional book about a fictional character who may or may not be put in situations that seem similar to yours. 

      How did you get started:

      What did it feel like the first time:
      What went through your mind before and after,if you can remember:
      How do you feel emotionally now right before you SI:
      Do you have a preferred method:
      Is there a physical sensation you associate with the need to SI (specifically before the act of SI)? If so can you please describe it:
      What goes through your mind now before you SI:
      Why do you feel you self injure (gain control, feel something, etc):
      How do you feel afterwards physically, emotionally, and mentally:
      Is there anything specific you do after you are done SI-ing:
      How did others react to you after they found out:
      How did you react to their reactions:

      Any other thoughts on the subject of self injury:

      Thank you for completing the questionnaire. Please e-mail it to meka_of_yumeathotmail.com with the title of self injury survey so it doesn’t end up in the junk mail. I will happily let the community know when the manuscript is finished, when I find a publisher to accept it, and (cross your fingers) when the publish date will be. As long as I am able I will also happily be acknowledging the community of self-injury.net for all their help. Wish us all luck!

      ~*~ River

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