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    Draco Malfoy

    2015/11/07 - Site Update (edited 2015/12/03 - again)

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    • I know I've been fairly distant but with a med change I feel more myself again so I've done some work for sinet during the past week. Will look into doing more but here's what I have for now.

      I've updated a lot of the custom code for sinet, including:

      • Making 'hide from guests' for content work properly with all forms of content aside from statuses.
      • Made avatars work properly with all forms of content aside from statuses.
        • I do need to take a look at how avatars are added/edited/deleted and ensure it works properly with updates.
      • Should now indicate if a Q&A/forum topic is hidden from guests.
      • Fixed issues with blank pages that were introduced earlier in the week.
      • Theme fixes.
      • Various other bugfixes.

      I've also made more sinet themes available. The default and a dark-colored theme. Also, their gridview versions so four in all. You should be able to change the theme at the bottom of the page (at least in desktop).

      I'll be looking into making the application & phone app available again. 

      Thanks! :love: 

      Edit - 2015/11/10:

      • No longer saves user's avatar from main content in comments.
      • If you're logged in and somebody has saved content as 'hidden from guests' it should now display in the list of categories.
      • This wasn't my bug but using tags should no longer cause a white screen if you're anonymous.
      • Various fixes to the layout.

      Edit - 2015/11/16

      • Filtering by 'Content I've started' should no longer cause a white screen.
      • If a user is visible and online it is indicated by a green dropshadow on the user picture in the default theme. Coming in the future to the other themes.
      • Theme changes, especially for profiles.

      Edit - 2015/11/23

      • Hiding triggers fixed for members.
      • Bugfix for hide topic controls appearing in edit post form when only should appear in edit topic form.

      Edit - 2015/12/03

      • Bugfix of avatar system.
      • Should be able to post blog entries again (was down since yesterday).

      Edit - 2015/12/03 (again)

      • More fixes of avatar system:
        • Crop avatar URL no longer gives error.
        • Avatar image size and KBs larger. Stills creates thumbnails but it allows for crisper images.
        • Can rotate image.
        • Swifter load times.
      • Now displays correct # of comments for blogs comments for entries in New Content.
      • Cleaned up tags and added prefixes for the Q&A/forum. 
    • Edited by Draco Malfoy

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