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    Draco Malfoy

    Upgrade & Privacy Improvements

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    • Good news! We finally merged the forum and main site to run under one software and database. Now that the bulk of the work is done I can start adding some of the content (mental health apps, helplines/textlines, resources, etc.) I've been meaning to add.

      One of biggest changes (aside from the physical) is the complete rewrite of privacy features. You have been able to hide posts/threads on the forum for a long time but until the change the post authors were visible even if the content wasn't and there wasn't an ability to automatically filter out hidden topics/posts from guests or people under x amount of posts.

      You should now be able to completely hide a thread from guests and people under x amount of posts. A 403 is given if the whole topic/article/blog post is hidden and if a post/comment is hidden in a non-hidden topic/article/blog post the content is hidden and the author is shown as a guest to guests/people under x amount of posts. 

      I will be working to expand this to the [ hide ] [ /hide ] BBCode for people who only want to hide certain parts of their posts/comments within a topic/article/blog post.

      This is not to alienate people new to self-injury.net but to keep people secure in their privacy if they're posting something sensitive and to keep prying family members, SOs, and friends to a minimum.

      Happy holidays and hope this is a good enough present, lovelies. :love: 

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    Draco Malfoy

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    I also want to add that the personal tag is no longer needed to hide a topic, article, or blog entry though it will be added if I view a page where it's listed (though not any of the Activity feeds) or if I view the topic, etc. itself.

    The FAQ gives instructions on how to hide topics, etc. and posts, etc. 


    For members, a topic that is hidden will have at the end of the title something like "(hidden from guests) "and a post that is hidden will have "(hidden from guests) " next to the Report post link. This needs to be expanded to articles, the gallery, and comments though it is working for blog entries though not their comments.

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