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My name is Gabrielle. I began to self-injure at age fifteen and continued to do so for fifteen years. I recently relapsed but am attempting a year without self-harm. This website was made to let self-injurers know that they are not alone and to help their friends and family learn more about self-injury and how it affects their loved one.

This is a community but there is an extensive FAQ about self-injury and a detailed series of pages about recovery from self-injury. There is also an pretty large list of resources for self-injurers. There is a detailed list of where self-injury appears in the media, be it movies, celebrities, music. It is both to show how self-injury affects media and has moved into the creative social conscious and as a trigger warning for those avoiding depictions of self-injury.

Feel free to browse and, if you’d like to blog or exchange status updates or otherwise become a part of the community, register!



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donna (not verified)

please tell someone that can get you some help.if you have no one at home tell someone at school.you can stop this you just need some assistance


Sometimes it’s hard for people to tell someone , not know what they’re going to think , not knowing what’s going to happen to them if they tell. I believe , from personal experience , that that some people are just scared.

I’m 15 now , started SI-ing when I was around the age of 12. Emotional abuse from my dad , my mum being an alcoholic , it was pretty hard.
But then I moved in with my sister , I still self injure but not as much and am slowly stopping.
I know that if I tell her that I’m SI-ing once in a while she will freak and put me in a mental hospital , I don’t want that,
So I hide it , but still I talk to my bestfriend Austyn about it when I do and she doesn’t judge or anything.
I guess what I’m trying to say is , some people are scared , some people are brave.
But I personally believe I am putting myself through home rehab :)

Those who anger you , conqure you.


I have religiously followed your site for about four years now. I love what you do here and the opportunity you give some of us to be comfortable showing a part of ourselves we feel such a strong need to keep hidden. I have meant to get some of my artwork on here for years, and just finally uploaded several drawings. I love the new setup. Makes it so easy! Thanks for the hard work and persistance you put into this!



It helps knowing that other people are out there who have an idea of what i feel like…really. It kind of helps me fight agianst wanting to die/cut. If only there were people who understood that really cared, i know there are, but not were i am…it doesn’t seem like it. Thankyou…for the website, and just helping in general. Maybe it will help people feel something without self injuring. who knows.


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Anonymous (not verified)

Hi Gabrielle..
First of all.. I want to say you’re very brave for putting this up..
I’m 16 years of age.. and I live in the Netherlands..
I haven’t SI‘ed for 2 months.. untill yesterday..
I have told other people I SI‘ed..
But my best friend couldn’t handle it.. and she doesn’t see me as her best now..
And now I’m scared of losing everybody.. so I’m not telling anyone how I feel.. or what I do..
Thanks for the site.. it really helped me in the time I wanted to SI.. but didn’t..
It made me feel I’m not alone.. Thanks for it..
You are really helpful.. if only people would accept SI
Thanks again =] You have no idea how many times your site helped me..

ScaredForMyLife's picture
ScaredForMyLife (not verified)

I really understand what you are going through.
I went through lots in the past few years.
I’m cutting, and i’m 13. I have been doing it since the winter. The school found out and told my dad. He went crazy. I’m not emo or anything, I seem normal. The hollister and such.
But i’m sick of being depressed. So i take it out on my wrist, hips or ankles.

You’re right, if people would just realize.


People DO need to realize.
Also, I’m 15 and the school found out, and they told my dad too. He knew I had cut before, but he flipped out anyways. All he thinks about is that I’ll get put in an insane asylum. Also, my grades are suffering. I just don’t care anymore. My dad is scared that I will lose scholarship money because I’m not making staright A’s anymore. Nobody seems to understand. Here, I hope some will.



My name is Sarah, I am having a major problem. I am getting kicked out of rehab because I can’t stop cutting. I have tried Yoga, grounding techniques, and multiple other different tricks to stop but I can’t. I don’t think it will affect my sobriety, but I know it could. Pills and needles were a lot easier. I don’t want to die! I need help!


I was just let out of rehab…and some of the stuff works but some is just poopy…i know childish…but i haven’t been able to find a substitute. Maybe you can, but what works for me is to think about what is making me want to cut then use that and try and find out something that can counteract that and do it, like listen to music or something. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t and you just cut again.


alesia's picture
alesia (not verified)

ive been cutting myself for a year now. and its all i think about i want to stop but my mom will totally freak if i tell her i realy think i need porfessional . PLEASE HELP ME SOMEBODY


I hope you can find some help. Is there any other form of help you can turn to? A trusted adult who won’t necessarily tell your mom. I know it’s scary but depending on your mom, after the initial freakout if you tell her you might be able to find some help.

fallen_angel's picture
fallen_angel (not verified)

i understand how you feel. i have been there and i know how scared you feel. here is somethings that helped me out i hope it can inspire you to find a way free of this way of thinking. when dealing with self injuerious behaviors u must treat and deal with them as an addicition. try figureing out what cuases you deisre to hurt ur self and where you think it comes from think about what it is that makes the act of harming your self ease ur emotional feelings or the root reasion you resort to cutting your self next become aware that this is a copeing mecxhinisum plain and simple. dont look at it as quiting cutting look at it as relaceing cutting with a more healtie behavior. look at the people around you and see how they cope with there worlds and think about what you could do and what healtie means to you. some things that worked for me is rubber bands that i would wear around my wrists and when i thought about cutting i pop myself over and over till the feeling passed or untill i foucused on something else. holding ice in your hands works to. it hurts but causes no damage and gives you time to think before haveing to act again. i ended up useing music to pull me out of my hell… i started cutting as a reaction to being assulted and raped and the lack of control i feel and to espress my misplaced angery and shame. i started a concert band and begain prforming classical music i learned to play meny differant insterments and after a while no longer thought about cutting. i took a long time and self control but it is possaible and something else to remimber is that it dose no one any good to beat ur self up over relaspes they happin life moves on and things gett better. the act of cutting wass once described to me as grabing an emotion of sadness that is flooting by like a cloud in the sky and pulling it down and holding on to it instead of letting it go by when you chose not to cut you are letting that emotion slide by and effect you for a shorter time instead of holding on and letting it consume you. think about it and ull see it holds truth. and one last thing…. dont let any one presure you in to stoping… the only way this is ganna work is if you ddedicate your self to this. it takes work and can make you feel discouraged but in the long run it is well worth it…. i wish you luck i hope this helps and keep your chin up and never stop fighting u cant do this BE POSITIVE it helps trust me



Hi Gabrielle,
I have just become a user / member of this website. I am seventeen years old and have been SI‘ing for five years now.
This is really the first time I have reached out to a website of this nature. It feels so good to know that I’m not alone, but also to be reminded that it’s not something to be embarrassed about, or to feel weak for.

Thank you so very much for this opportunity.


Steph's picture
Steph (not verified)

i’m 16 years old although i’m not knew to self injury, i am new to reaching out for help.
i started self injuring at the age of 8 so i have a good 8 years of it under my belt.
i am an only girl of 4 kids. i have never been put in a hospital.
when i was 12 i started smoking cigarettes and pot. by the time i was 14 i was using crystal meth.
i don’t want people to feel bad for me or anything like that i just want someone to hear me, to understand.

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