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  1. “Hell is other people” is only one side of the coin. The other side, which no one seems to mention, is also “Heaven is each other”. Hell is separateness, uncommunicability, self-centeredness, lust for power, for riches, for fame. Heaven on the other hand is very simple, and very hard: caring about your fellow beings. And that’s possible on a sustained basis only in collectivity.
  2. what to do?

    Hi people,ok,so a few days ago,my  uncle  raped me,it was late and he was drunk,he just came in and that was it.he said he’d kill me if i told,but,since that,i’ve been cutting myself more and more,and i’ve just been so depressed lately. i don’t know what to do,i can’t think of anyone to talk to,and,i’m ashamed.i feel it’s my fault,and that i’m wortless for letting him do that.but i had no choice,he cam in with a knife and help it aginst my throat.i had stopped cutting and was clean for 3 months,but in just these few days,i’ve made like,28 new cuts all over my body,i’m out of space on my arms.does anyone have any suggestions if what i can do? i ran away from my uncle’s house and am staying with a friend,she doesn’t know,but i’m going to have to do something before i’m sent back.if anyone can please help me figure out what to do,i’d really appreciate it,i just can’t think of any way to cope except cutting myself.i know i have to stop,but this just took me back to step one,so please,if you have any advice,please help me tr to deal with this.thanks
  3. I’ve changed my mind so much I can’t even trust it My mind changed me so much I can’t even trust myself.

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