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    • It’s a bit of a complicated question if you think about it. I mean, if you step back and look at it from an outsider’s point of view, it seems like an easy thing to do. Like putting off folding your clothes or writing an essay. But everyone here knows it’s not, and if they don’t, they will one day. Self-injury is like an old friend. It makes me feel relief when things are just too hard to deal with. It eases my anxiety. It calms me down. It helps me cope. It’s always there for me when no one is. It feels comforting. But the aftermath is what’s hard to deal with. Those feelings of ugliness when I look at what I’ve done don’t go away. I’m afraid of people seeing my scars. I’ve gotten in so many fights with my girlfriend over it. Seen her cry so many times, telling me she’s afraid I’ll slip and really hurt myself bad. I feel so much guilt when I do it. I feel like a hypocrite, because it hurt me so bad to see my friends doing it, but I hurt the people I love by doing it myself. So, the best answer I can give is, no. I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to let go of those feelings of relief and control. 

      But I know that I have to. For the sake of my self-esteem, my loved ones, my health, I don’t have a choice anymore.

    • Person Female, age 19, began SI at age 12, university student
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    Guest kutt3r4life

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    In the society we live in today, people make it seem like self injury is a bad thing. The media plays it up to be some big deal, when it really isn’t. Its just like every other thing we do in life. Take the sport of football. If you play football, you are out there getting the snot beat out of you all the time, but you come back for more and you enjoy it. You understand that it is possible to die from a head or neck injury, yet you continue to play football. The same can be said for all sports. Other examples include spicy food. That tabasco sauce doesn’t taste good, it hurts. That hurt is why we like it. The pain releases endorphines into the brain. The list of things goes on and on. So when you think about it, everyone who participates in everyday activities is a self injurer.

    All in all, there is nothingg wrong with self injury, and I wish that other people would stop making fun of us because we do it. They don’t understand it one bit. And as for the therapists out there who say self injury is bad. Don’t listen to them. The only reason they tell you it is bad is so they can earn a living. There is nothing wrong with self injury.

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    You’re one of the very few people that have told me that. I understand why people think it’s bad. I mean, you’re hurting yourself directly instead of indirectly like those other things. Of course people who’ve never done it wouldn’t understand. It does hurt my loved ones when I do it, so I have a reason to stop. Still, I wish it wasn’t such a big deal.

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