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    • I am a male self injurer, 30 years old…

      I always feel pain when self injuring, although it depends on the situation how much pain I feel. I feel the least pain in situations of high social anxiety, or high self denial or dissociation. In those moments, the experience of cutting is akin to someone dragging a piece of driftwood across one’s arm, or whatever part of the body you are harming at the time. Remarkably numbed, but still aware of some kind of discomfor​t- a dull burning across the skin. Since I have started howeever- about 2 years ago- I’ve needed more and more pain to satisfy my need for relief through masochistic self-punishment.


      If you’re hurting yourself, please talk to someone. It’s the only thing that truly helps.

    • Person male, began to SI 2 years ago
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    Guest Anonymous

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    It’s weird, a sort of mix of feeling the pain and feeling nothing. Self injury cutting wise, I don’t use blades because they cut through skin with no sort of rough feeling for me, so cutting my skin with a blade would be horrifying as it is to someone who doesn’t deal with self injury. I use surgical scissors normally, they’re as sharp as a blade and cuts/draws blood like one, but isn’t as clean slicing, but more a rough drag across the skin that does it for me, so i guess it is a pain thing for me. I SI when my emotions are running high to try to distract me from them. There’s alot of seemingly unescapable situations and emotions in my life that i can’t deal with, physically and mentally, so maybe by self harming, i’m in control.  I don’t get a high/rush from endorphins or the pain/blood, neither before or after. Immediately when i cut, i gasp from the pain, so there is pain involved. But i’m able to just push it away. Like, one moment i could be thinking ‘ouch. that really, really hurts’ and then another i could settle down and watch a movie and the pain is completely gone. If i got an accidental cut like the ones i get from self harming, it would really hurt and i wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it, but with self harm, i can either focus on the pain if i want to feel pain, or i can push it away and choose numbness.

    Every time you think about cutting, scratching, burning, bruising, pulling your hair out, here’s a few things to try:


    -Punching a pillow

    -Calling up a friend for a chat

    -Calling a helpline

    -Emailing a helpline

    -Calling a doctor/mental health person/therepist

    -Drawing on yourself with red pen

    -Playing with a pet

    -Watching a happy movie or listening to peaceful music

    Even though i’ve only started cutting in the past year (i’m 17) i didn’t realize until recently that i’ve actually been a self harmer since i was 6 due to alot of abuse, sadly enough. Stay strong guys, and asking for help doesn’t make you weak.

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