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    How to hide selfharm

    • So I’ve been self harming for over three years and my parents are completely oblivious.
      I do it on my legs, arms and upper arms so it can be difficult to hide. Most parents are most suspicious of the lower arms so wearing three quarter length sleeves is a big help.
      I used to wear vests a lot so my parents noticed when I started wearing long sleeves so gradually make your sleeves longer, for example, go from vests, to short sleeves, to three quarter length sleeves, to long sleeves rolled up, to long sleeves rolled down. Shallow cuts normally take about a week and a half to heal so once they’re scabbed over, start applying aloevera or sudocrem etc to them to help them fade. Then Put some concealer on the scars or to make it less noticeable apply foundation to the whole arm so that the skin tone is even. Also, contrast is everything. I’ve learnt this quite easily. If you want to wear long sleeves, wear shorts so it’s less suspicious. If you want to wear skinny jeans, wear a vest with a oversized shirt over it. Or high waisted jeans with a baggy jumper is a good one because if you put your hair in a bun your parents would simply assume that you’re going for the tumblr, skater look.
      For any boys trying to hide selfharm, I’m not trying to be stereotypical but it is a lot easier for you as society is generally more suspicious of girls having depression. Try wearing a baggy jumper or a hoodie with some skinny jeans as that is quite an attractive and concealing look. Hoodies are a good way to hide cuts or scars and a lot of people wear them in all seasons so it isn’t very suspicious. Also, if you have a girl mate or partner or a sister etc, confide in her and ask her to buy you some concealer or something as she can easily walk into a makeup shop. Remember people, it isn’t too late to stop and talking to someone seriously is the best way. I know that it feels like a good escape but you will ruin your bodies. I love you all and if you ever need someone to talk to then there are lots of people there. More than you might think. Xx

    • Person Female, 14, began to SI at age 11, senior school student
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