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    I've never been hospitalized.

    • I’ve never had to be hospitalized before, but it’s only because I don’t tell anyone when I cut. The few people who do know that I have cut before don’t know that I do it now. My social worker knows that I used to cut, and she’s said that if I cut again she’ll hospitalize me. I’ve cut three times since she told me that.

      I probably should be hospitalized. I’ve come close to killing myself, and I can’t control the urges sometimes. But I don’t want to be hospitalized before I finish High School because then people would say I was attention seeking. The sad part is that it’s happened to other girls for cutting and eating disorders.

      Maybe after I graduate I’ll hospitalize myself and finally get some help.

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    I’m twenty six. When I was a teenager, my therapist also told me that if I cut, she would hospitalize me. Like you, I just continued to cut and hide it. Now that I’m an adult, I can tell my therapists about my self injury, and they do not talk about hospitalizing me. I know there are laws about what therapists have to reveal to parents or to law enforcement, etc. when their patients are minors, so that may have something to do with why your therapist said that.

    When my therapist told me that, it was because she didn’t understand cutting, she didn’t understand how I felt, and she thought that she could frighten me into stopping. I always think it’s kind of insulting when people tell you things to try to scare you into stopping because that implies that you are not aware of the dangers and that stopping is easy. My therapist also was not very understanding in other ways, and going to her was really a waste of my time.

    I’m wondering if your therapist is understanding of your other problems if she had that extreme reaction to your cutting. If she does not, then you should be able to find another therapist. Something they don’t always tell children and teens is that you know yourself best and you have to advocate for yourself - that means telling people what your needs are and insisting that they are important. If you are not finding this therapist helpful, I would suggest telling your parents that and then interviewing a series of therapists until you find one who is more understanding. Not something you need to do,  of course, just a thought.

    And really, it does get better as you get older. Your emotions kind of calm down and you learn how to deal with things better. And once you’re out of your house and on your own as an adult, you’ll have much more freedom to choose better coping strategies.


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