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    Not really, but yeah

    • I told my friend Adam first, he was really surprised, but took it calmly. At a socer game, I banged my wrist with my hand, really hard,and didn’t knowmy coaches were wacthing me. I heard them talkng and glancing in my direction and I thought something along the lines of, Oh, great. My coach came over and just held my hand, not saying anything.I came to practiice with a large bandage covering a burn and cut that were to noticeable, I said I got burned on the stove.  I also banged my wrist on a pole once at soccer, and everybody’s seen my cuts. I cut once on wen I got subbed off the field, because I was so mad and depressed about how I played and all my problems at home, so I went over to my bag, stuck my arm in it, and made three or four cuts on my arm. After the game, I started crying, because I couldn’t cut again. My coaches comforted me and one of them said ‘Are you cutting yourself?’ and I said no, then he said ‘Are you burniing yourself or something like that?’ I said no to that too. My dad started walking down, so I wiped my tears away and left fast. I make a design of scissors cutting along a line on my wrists and one of the boys on my team saw it and asked what it was. I showed him and he said. “Cutting your wrist, wouldn’t that hurt?” I was tempted to tell him that that was the point but I said instead ‘Maybe I like cutting my wrists, Owen.” He kept his mouth shut after that. Then one day I was sitting there with a piece of glass in my hand, rubbing it on my arm. I wasn’t going to cut myself with it, I just liked that I could cut myself if I wanted to. Raelin, a girl on my team came over and asked me what I was doing. I said nohing and hid the glass under my arms. Raelin looked at me and said ‘Stop, just stop.’ she grabbed my hands and tried to pull me up off the ground. I asked her where she was taking me, hopefully not to my coaches but she said “just up, just to stand.’ I begged her not to tell anybody and she said it’s ok, I know how you feel and showed me the scars on her wrist. She was a cutter too. She gave me her number and said to call her, day or night, she didn’t care what time it was.  tried once or twice, but then lost the number. (Dummy!) My parents found out because my coach told my sister who told my mom, dad, and brother. I ended up on counseling and on meds.

    • Person [female, age 13, began to SI at age 11, middle school student]
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