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    Telling people

    • Today is actually my first year anniversary of cutting. I spent the first two months in it alone before I told a friend id literally known 2 months. I guess I trusted him and figured it would hurt him less and he was less likely to tell people because he didnt know the rest of my friends very well. He hasn't broken my trust yet and we're great friends now. It just hurts him when I cut. 

      The second person I told was another friend but also my crush. He insisted that I could trust him and that he wouldn't care. And I believed him. He wanted me to ask him if i wanted to cut and explain it to him first, which I did. However, whenever he said no I did it anyway so it really made no difference. Recently I've found out that he'd told 2 of my friends that I cut and 'come to him apologising'  months ago. Let me just say that I no longer trust him. He'd also encouraged me to tell my best friends I cut, which I did, but now regret because it hurts them so I've lied to them an told them I've stopped. 

      The most recent person I've told is another friend of mine who's sister used to cut. He hates me doing it but wants to gelp and im probably happiest that I told him. 

      Overall that's 7 of my friends which is quite a lot. However it makes it easier for me to talk and ask for advice. 

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    It's hard telling people, and you've shown incredible bravery telling those you have. The fact that your crush has told people indicates that he doesn't know how to handle it- it scares him. It's hard for people who don't cut to understand why we do it. They can't see themselves ever doing it because they see the physical pain so sharply, whereas for us it dims in comparison to the mental anguish. Just be careful, figure out who to trust, and please stick to capillaries.

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    yh im too scared to tell anyone i told one friend only because they do it i feel for you op you trusted the wrong people but i understand wanting to tell, we can only tell people that do it themselves because theyll be scared you will tell people about them if they tell others about you

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