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    [ Female, 16, began SI at 12, high school ]

    • Before it’s like a build up of fear, anger and a pain inside my chest like the way you feel when you cry about something agonising, but I don’t cry so it stays and will not go away. Eventually I know what I will do and I know how I will end up feeling. I try to forget because I know every other time how scared I was of myself, but each day I try and each day I want it more and more. I start creating scenarios in my head of getting glass and cutting so deep and screaming and crying. 

      During I’m not myself, I go to another place  and all I see is blood and my had turns so cold as I hold the glass or blade. 

      After it hurts and I am careful and very aware that I know something everyone else doesn’t. I don’t know about anyone else but to me it happens at certain times of the year. It takes ages to build up, to that point where I can’t take anymore pain inside or craving and ages to drag myself out of that dark place. 

    • Person [ Female, 16, began SI at 12, high school ]
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    Guest Davenger Mendes

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    I’m a male, which is less common for this sort of thing, I’m told, aged 33 and have been cutting/scratching/self harming for I guess a long time. I’ve always taken out my frustrations physically–never on others–through excessive exercise, running, beating the very earth with a sledge hammer, and, most recently, cutting my arms and legs with a pocket knife. I like the burn, the calming feeling of physical pain, especially when I’ve had something to drink, which also coincides with arguments with my wife.  Just something I do.  At my worst, I punched a steel door and fractured the pinky knuckle of my right hand.  Again, I have never raised a hand against anyone that wasn’t out of self defense, and even then, only in grade school. I tend to score high on self exams for borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder (to which I’m apparently biologically predisposed), etc.  I’m not here for help because I don’t want help. I’m here to identify with something for which I feel I ought to be ashamed about or concerned and am not. Not entirely. 

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