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YES because later, im too embarrassed to wear a tank top in the summer. and now i have a daughter who deserves a better mother than what i had.
NO because without it, what do i have to help me thats effective on that level? nothing. without it i have nothing to get a break from “everything”, and beyond that, i just simply love it. it sounds sick, but after i si i feel like i am a little kid again, wrapped in a big puffy blanket, right out of the dryer, right after walking in from a blizzard. nothing else can comfort me on a level like si.

[female, age 23, began to si at 14, mother]


Yes I would love to stop hurting myself but at the same time I feel like it’s my only release. I want to stop for the people I love. I know it hurts them emotionally way more than it hurts me physically. I just don’t know how to stop. To be honest, I would be confused if I stopped. I am addicted and I know I should stop. It’s just so hard sometimes. I wouldn’t know of any other way to stop my own torment if I quit. I am trying though.



There’s got to be some other way of emotional release…I don’t know what it is, because if I did, I probably wouldn’t be here as a fellow self-injurer, but there has just got to be. Other people walk around living happy lives without engaging in self-harm, because they’ve obviously got healthy coping strategies. I think…the first step is being able to talk about it. Not bottling it all up. Isn’t that what we do? Keep the emotions inside until they’re too painful to hang onto anymore? Everyone’s got tp have that one person in their life they can tell everything to. Who makes them feel better. Someone who makes them feel worth something.


You are worth so much more than this. So much more than the pain you inflict on yourself. You are beautiful and perfect just because you’re you. There could never BE a more beautiful you. I don’t know your struggles, but please–please love yourself. You’re the only you you’ve got. And you are beautiful. There is always hope. Even when you think there’s no way to stop or no other way to cope with pain, there’s always a way. You might be the girl who chose a broken road, or you might be the girl thinking you’ll end up alone. But you’re more than flesh and bone. You’re beautiful. You’re not just some wandering soul, you’re someone worth dying for. You’re worth it. You’re a sacred and blameless human being and your life has purpose. You’re beautiful.

Let Go, Let God


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