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    Am I the only one?

    • So the average person would say I have an "easy life." My dad used to yell at me all the time, and that was when I started cutting, but our relationship is better now. I've gone through some pretty hard times, but I don't really have any horrific things going on in my life. The reason I cut is because I can't think of any way to get my emotions out. I try to make myself cry, but I don't really cry a lot. So I bleed my emotions out. I just want to know, Am I the only one who doesn't have some sort of horrible thing going on and still cuts? 

      Another thing I wanna know is, What do I tell people who ask about my scars? It doesn't look like a cat or a car accident could have done it. I cut on my left arm. The scars are sort of small and clustered together closer to my hand, and they get longer and more spaced out towards my elbow. One is kinda like a right angle, so that doesn't look so natural. I just tell the people who ask "oh, what happened to your arm?" that it "just got hurt". I'm gonna try "Take a wild guess" and just say "how did you know???" to whatever they say. But I have no idea what to say. I don't wanna tell anyone, because the girls that ask will just spread rumors and tell everyone they know. So if anyone actually reads this, I just wanna know, what do you tell people? Thanks, bye.

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    That is exactly how I started my self-injury. My dad got mad at me and I started the self-injury to let out my anger. Then, my family found out and they told me the usual, "People out there have worse lives than you" speech. I used to keep cutting myself anyway. Other than that everything is somewhat average in my life and my family kept asking me what actual reason do I have to cut myself. I kept telling them I do it release tension and they still don't get it. I used to tell my family that I had accidents before they knew about the cutting because my family is used to seeing me as a clumsy person. If anyone else asked me about my scars, I would tell them I had an accident and I don't want to talk anymore about it

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