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    • Over and over again people have constantly reassured my value in this world,

      which is something microscopic.

      Someday I want to find the strength to be a better person and actually like myself.

      Unlike most people, I at least try to push forward.

      Sure I have my moments when I stumble and crumble into dust,

      But I’m on a pursuit of happiness.

      With the hope that somewhere out there the grass is greener, I try to pick myself up and live.

      It would be nice if my family, and life’s obstacles weren’t constant blockades. 

      That’s life though. In the end it wouldn’t be worth living if I didn’t have to make some sort of fight.

      So to put it simply,

      I cut because it provieds me with comfort.

      I cut because I refuse to inflict pain onto others.

      I cut because I don’t value myself enough.

      I cut because I hold the weight of my problems, fears, criticism, and doubt on my shoulders.

      I cut because of the fortress around my heart.


    • Person [female, age 19, began to SI at age 16]
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    Wow, I seriously resinate with that. I often will injure myself when I feel guilty about hurting someones feelings (or thinking I did) I stay here with my mom who sucks my soul dry every day to be with my sister, because I left and felt guilty, I came back and i just cut or burn myself. I love myself and I’m grateful for my body, But I don’t really love or value myself for my true worth. And that makes me feel guilty. So I cut myself. I don’t let people touch me or express my feelings in fear of ruining their mood or hurting their feelings. I don’t know, sometimes it feels like cutting is my only comrad

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    Guest Anonymous

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    I am a well-educated, attractive, respected adult mother of two beautiful daughters.  I am trapped in a toxic marriage and my husband just won’t stop the horrible things he says to me.  I have begged and pleaded.  We both see counselors.  I currently have the most disgusting and disfiguring black eye from hitting my head while he was bereating me.  The blood from the injury has literally seeped down and pooled into the black eye.  I don’t know if it will ever go away.  My head is swollen and sore.  My counselor knows, but nothing will make him stop.  I am scared for myself and my girls.  This poem has made me sob.  I am so sorry for you.  I am so sorry for me.

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    Leave him. I understand that, that is easier said than done, but seriously leave him.

    Staying with him is only going to continue to put yourself and your children through mental agony.

    And you can’t say that your husband loves you,

    because if you love a person you would NEVER put them through physical or emotional pain.

    My mother used to be in a relationship with her boyfriend and husband.

    She stayed with both for a long time thinking that she could change them.

    That’s a person’s biggest problem.

    People aren’t going to change, especially if they truly believe they don’t have a problem.

    Free yourself from the torture, display to your children that you CAN be a strong woman.


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    Honestly this is going to sound like a load of crap, but try and set some goals for yourself;

    push your limitations in order to break away.

    When I first started to hurt myself, I felt so ashamed and alone.

    About the day after I told one friend. Before I up and told her,

    I went through several scenerios in my head,

    I observed her to see how she reacted in different situations,

    and for the first time I really took a look at her character.

    When I told her, that was one of the best things I did.

    She gave me great support and encouragement, so I did the same with another friend, and another.

    After a while I had a small group of friends who loved me and helped me through my downward spiral.

    Every time I thought of cutting they wouldn’t judge me, they would just listen to what I had to say.

    I was able to vent, and scream, and cry. It was the best. They were the best.

    I think that’s what you need; people you can open up to.

    Once you do that you can try things, like going for a week without cutting.

    I went for a whole summer without cutting, and felt pretty effing good.

    My aunt knows that I cut, and she introudces me to little hobbies here and there.

    Like knitting, rather than cut I’ll go make a scarf or something, haha.

    Isolation is key to misery, so even if you don’t feel like being social try and push yourself.

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