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My name is Gabrielle. I began to self-injure at age fifteen and continued to do so for fifteen years. I recently relapsed but am attempting a year without self-harm. This website was made to let self-injurers know that they are not alone and to help their friends and family learn more about self-injury and how it affects their loved one.

This is a community but there is an extensive FAQ about self-injury and a detailed series of pages about recovery from self-injury. There is also an pretty large list of resources for self-injurers. There is a detailed list of where self-injury appears in the media, be it movies, celebrities, music. It is both to show how self-injury affects media and has moved into the creative social conscious and as a trigger warning for those avoiding depictions of self-injury.

Feel free to browse and, if you’d like to blog or exchange status updates or otherwise become a part of the community, register!



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In the past few hours I’ve added some changes to the site:

  • Revamped the look of statuses/status comments
  • Form will now ‘save’ text you’re writing in the WYSIWYG editor (the textbox with all the fancy buttons) so if you accidentally close the window it will still be there. You can turn this off from form to form by clicking the highlighted floppy disk in the editor. This also does not work if you have more than one form open across different tabs.
  • WYSIWYG editor will now load with a click on the text box on most pages (except for add content pages and the add status page) so that the page will load faster
  • You can now hide triggering content (it’s easy for people to click if they want to see, don’t worry). Click the icon of the eye in the editor
  • Took out some unnecessary buttons in the editor
  • If you’re a member you can now add pictures into your content (click the icon of the picture in the editor)
  • You can now add emoticons using the WYSIWYG editor. Simply type a colon and whatever letter comes to mind. smiley.png 
  • You can also now tag people in the WYSIWYG editor. Type an @ sign and start typing their username @Gabrielle.
  • Per the above, people will need to edit their notifications settings so they can get a PM or e-mail when they’re tagged by another member.
  • If you’re a member you can now download .epub versions of pages.

There were some bugs (namely the editor not showing up) but everything seems to be running fine now.


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I’ve ported all the old statuses into the new version of the site. I’ve also merged statuses and profile comments into one.

I’m working on a few things in the background and will add them once they they work on my test site. Thanks! :)


You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the study and must use an online self-harm website (e-community, forum, web board, group, etc.).
Participation is completely voluntary and anonymous.  Participants will not be asked to provide their names or any identifying information when completing the questionnaire. 

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